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King of the high school EP 10 

Am i the only one who skips most of min suk & soo young scenes? It really annoys me how soo young’s heart changed so quickly. She doesnt know what she wants and whom she likes & acts like a teenager in her puperty. It is so annoying.


I am still waiting & hoping for jin woo and soo young couple. Seriously. I dont want this drama end like most of typical kdramas and i am getting sick of stupid -young boy&old woman- love stories. Its enough! We got it. Age is not important when it comes to love. So, please dont make dramas with that storyline anymore. We really got it. I swear.

nwh91: 심심타파 놀러와서 신이난~~ㅋㅋ

If you keep on saying sorry, it will become a habit. You can just say “thank you”.