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지금 보내지만, 너를 보냈지만..

모든 게 다 멈췄지만..

고장 나 버린 시계가

다시 움직일 거라고 믿어..

Even though I’m letting you go now.. 

Even though I’ve let you go..

Even though everything stopped..

I believe that the broken clock,

Will move again.

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Jung Jinhyung

Even though i like Lee Hi…her attitude towards Hongseok is just cringeworthy…In this instance i prefer the poor guy not to debut with Ikon because i feel like he is going to be bullied for some members and for the fans...



omg my thoughts exactly! i would rather see him going solo and to sing his hearts out with his OWN STYLE without the burden of “not fitting in the group since he’s nowhere near the swag-and-hiphop style” which is dumb imo people need to get over the whole yg style shit jfc like tbh he’s already been “verbally bullied” by the netizens and everyone since day one anyway like gosh i swear some haters have absolutely no chill he gets hate and picked on every single thing he does in every single ep and i wouldnt even be surprised if some of the members might just discriminate him or something (not all but honestly i’d feel that some members in the group would) well i just feel for this poor boy tho like ugh he’s generally a nice guy (and since when is being reserved/introvert = attitude???? what is this double standard that im seeing and dealing with here) and he deserves better

And then, this happens (•˘▽˘•)

Hongseok losing the game against Bobby and ends up giving him a big hug ಥ‿ಥ 

"Who do you think has changed the most since debut?"

Jang Hyunseung strikes again.


sm artists leaving isn’t even sad anymore it’s a celebration like congratulations on your freedom let’s go party


SHINee are literally the sole survivors of an SM group version of the Hunger Games

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